Life Activation: This session involves many different energetic alignments to create a deeper sense of inner peace while  strengthening connections between the  body, mind, and spirit. The Life Activation awakens the Spiritual DNA , beginning the process of releasing unconscious and ancestral  patterns that prohibit connections to the Higher Self.  It offers clarity, allowing one to bring in and hold more light. Through this one creates the potential to unlock unrealized talents and abilities.


Full Spirit Activation:– Anchors the life activation deepening its affects  allowing one to feel more alive .The full spirit activation awakens the “old brain” (the pituitary and pineal gland) increasing ones awareness of the physical. Creating richer experiences and greater appreciation for life.


Life Purpose Reading– used to help realize the vast human potential. The life purpose reading sheds lights onto the different aspects of life such as- archetypes, angles we work with, spiritual family lineage, past life experiences and much more to help one to better know thyself.


Soul Retrieval:  The soul retrieval creates space for the fragments of the soul (which break at times of shock in lives), to come back as a clean slate. A soul retrieval creates the opportunity  for one to feel whole again, allowing them to use their new completed puzzle as they wish.



Twin crystal Readings and Crystal Healing: Both of these  sessions utilize the sacred geometry of the crystals. The crystal reading allows you receive answers to your life questions. The healing helps to focus on one particular aspect and clears the energy to allow for more balance and better energy circulation.


Spark of life healing – a long distant healing to help reconnect you to your origin. This assists in bringing in new energy and distributing  it throughout the body to recreate balance and a harmonious energy flow.


Charka Awakening and Tree of Life Awakening- . It’s just like that mid afternoon snack that helps you get through the rest of your day: These session opens up, balances, and brings more light in to each chakra or Sephirot of tree,  allowing on feeling refreshed and energized.


Emotional Cord Cutting- Removes the emotional cords or emotional connections we have created with people in our lives. Often these emotional cords are created from negative emotional patters that exist in our relationships, over time our emotional cords continue to grow even if the person they are with is not longer physically involved in your life.


Aura clearings– Used to heal the layers of the aura that are damaged through everyday living. There are multiple different aura clearing each using different energies including Egyptian and shamanic.  These are great to help release some of that unnecessary stress and refocus with direction.


Max Meditation System TMMeditation is one of the most traditional methods for self healing, balancing, grounding, and for bringing in new energy for manifestation & creativity.

Max Meditation System TM is a fusion of various meditation techniques designed into one. This fusion facilitates a deep meditation for both new and experienced meditators alike. Consisting of a relaxation, passive, active, and guided meditation; this seated meditation helps you to quiet the mind and refresh your energy.

Benefits of  Max Meditation System TM:

  • Reduces physical & emotional stress and tension
  • Encourages happiness & peace of mind
  • Enhance Energy, vitality, and wellbeing
  • promotes creativity and clarity
  • Increases concentration and control over ones thoughts
  • Strengthens ones connection to self
  • Creates a state of deep relaxation
  • Much much more

Crystal Gridding: This powerful tool aids in setting  and keeping the energy of a  space. It keeps the energy of a building or room at a high frequency with pure energy. This is a one time process they keep generating and holding the energy so the process does not have to be repeated unless one of the crystals gets moved. This process brings in powerful protective energy as well as the energy of mother earth. father sky, and many other entities using sacred geometry.


Hatha, Vinyasa, and Body & Brain Yoga sessions: Private or Group



Other services and sessions ( Light Laser Healings, Meridian Balancing, Ect. ) are provided as needed. Please contact for free consultation to discuss what will serve you best as you life for  your own personal mission.