“Receiving a spark of life session from Chelsea is a beautiful experience. It feels like a white cocoon you get smoothly bedded. My back tingled and got hot and after a while I fell asleep. I had a very special dream when the session was already done for 20 minutes. Then I awoke immediately and felt full of energy. I asked for the session because I had aches at my lower back and they were gone. Like she floated some muscle force in this area. I feel strong again. Thank you.”                                                                                                                                              – Elisabeth Wissmueller, Actress & Lightworker



“Whenever I attend a session with Chelsea, I always leave with a huge smile on my face. I feel lighter and floaty but yet more grounded. Perhaps more grounded to my path? Sometimes I leave having a better understanding of what I was troubled with or I feel more at ease and motivated to do whatever. You can clearly tell how much love and soul Chelsea puts into each session. She makes everyone feel so welcome and comfortable. In addition, her imagery during meditations is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. And finally, finishing most sessions with a chance to draw whatever comes to mind brings back the good old days.”
-Lisa Bates DPT, CSCS- Travel physical therapist



“Chelsea is a highly gifted Ensofic reiki practitioner. The second session where there is the sealing of the aura: I could feel the energy of each seal. It was powerful and relaxing. I feel refreshed.”                                                                                      -Cathelina S.



“I have procrastinated with this project due to the fact I fear commitment as much as failure. Chelsea deLisser has definitely opened human possibilities. My story is as rooted and varied as hers. I used to practice t’ai chi with a lovely, passionate woman named Sifu Linda. I was honest and authentic with her. I was dealing with a myriad of emotional complications. I didn’t trust myself. Anxiety reigned over me. I didn’t know who I was. I was lost in a strange wilderness. This martial art helped me regain my clarity and love for humanity. I encountered Chelsea at the Union Arts Center in Sparkill, New York. I was seeking a re-discovery, a transformation. I was not trusting the process. I felt like I needed to find a celestial sanctuary. Years had elapsed, there was minimal inspiration or exposure for me since I left my previous class. Then, she appeared like an angel of grace. I recall the moment we encountered each other. Chelsea is a hands-on empathiser. I walked into the room. She greeted me like a long-lost friend. We hugged. It was magical to be within. I was letting go. I cannot stress how over the months my self-confidence had begun to shift and elevate. It was if I was learning how to soar again.

I do believe it was kismet, together we explored consciousness. The guided meditation is quite useful. Like t’ai chi, the Max Meditation offers the student to engage the soul. It was profound as well as sacred. I was humbled by the presence of Chi & the Universe. I am more motivated now even though sometimes I still grapple with low self-worth. I realise that self-control is partially invisible. You can only try to be one with yourself. The rest is out of your hands. Chelsea has assured me in ways I am understanding now. All my regrets and the memories of loss still linger from childhood. She is sensitive like myself. I believe commitment is more than just a matter of loyalty. It is an ancient code of discipline. There are moments where I reach the bottom and falter backwards. I can always rely on meditation to rise above. We live in a complex world. Mindfulness calms and soothes. It also re-affirms that the spirit is eternal. Chelsea’s technique is mainly intuitive. Her love and devotion to the Art of mindfulness has created a new fire inside. A period of wonder is upon me. Also, I am indebted to Chelsea for renewing my imagination. I write poetry. I have shared it. I try to be eloquent and articulate. I noticed that my own style has evolved. Her own class and friendship is apparent. Angels do exist somewhere between Earth and Sky.”                                                                                       -Jt Smith